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Cavalier Carpet Cleaning's unique carpet cleaning system


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Pro-Guard 360 requires no hot water hoses thus eliminating trips and falls. Carpets will be completely dry within 20 minutes helping to decrease the chance of slips. No special access is required to premises therefor our technicians can be locked in a secured premises to complete works.

Fur Carpet


With every clean a stain blocker is applied to the carpet. This helps retard fast re-soiling and reduces to chances of permanent destructive stains entering the carpet fibers.
Pro-Guard 360 uses intense heat combined with rotary agitation to achieve a superior result.

Interior Modern Brick House


Moisture levels will vary as the technicians alters the amount of solution used in the process depending on the degree of soil deposits in the carpet. The Pro-Guard 360 machine cleans at a safe and constant 85 degrees Celsius, as well as using a built in heat blower. This leaves the carpet immediately walk on dry. It is impossible to over-wet the carpet.



Pro-Guard 360 is the quietest deep cleaning system available today. This allows our technicians to work in office environments, schools, nursing homes and residential properties without causing noise disruptions.



Pro-Guard 360 uses significantly less water than Hot Water Extraction. The system only requires one 10 AMP power supply rather than diesel powered generators in Truck Mounted Machines or  several 10 AMP power sources with Portable Extractors. The approved Pro-Guard 360 chemicals are fully bio-degradable, PH Neutral and use natural deodorisers.

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