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24 Hour Rapid Response - 7 Days a Week

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Assess Damage

Assessing the damage, identifying the source of the water leak and making the property safe are the first steps taken upon our arrival. It is at this point where level of insurance cover is discussed and contact with the Insurance Assessor often occurs.

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Water Extraction

Removing the excess water is the first vital step in any flood damage emergency. Using portable extraction equipment, we ‘suck up’ the excess water and remove it from the property. If carpeted areas are flooded we use the latest in water damage restoration equipment, Water Claw, to remove as much water as physically possible.

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The drying process can be complicated. Our Technicians are fully qualified and experienced in Flood Damage Restoration. It is at this point where dehumidifiers and air-movers are strategically placed to dry the damaged property. This process is vital. By removing excess moisture from the air we are eliminating the potential for secondary damage.


Reporting for Insurance

A detailed report is written up by the supervising Technician and submitted to the Insurance company as required. We act promptly to avoid unnecessary delays in processing of insurance claims.

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